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Open letter to Arvind Kejariwal

Open letter to Arvind Kejariwal

Hi Arvind,

To start with, my apologies for addressing you by your name and not by your honourfic official title of being the Chief Minister of Delhi. This is because instinctively I vibe well with humans while generally being at daggers drawn with politicians. And I see you as a friend.

I am not sure if my name rings a bell in your mind. Well, my name is Shashi Kant. As a police officer, I had good luck of serving the people of India in various capacities both in the Government of India as also in Punjab for close to about four decades. Several politicians of different shades, in both the places, also had the misfortune of working with me. Well, not all were ‘seedy’. A few, including some prime ministers, were people with a vision, though they too were sometimes taken for a ride by their sycophants.  Anyway all this is neither here nor there because I am happier after getting out of the service and in my present role as a Civic and Human Rights Activist, more precisely as an Anti Drug Activist, a role in which I have taken Drug Lords including some top politicians and officials across the spectrum, by their horns. Literally I am a BULL IN THEIR CHINA SHOP.

Well, now coming straight to the point, that is, the reason of writing this open letter to you. Today July 30th, I came across your statement issued in Amritsar where you had gone in connection with a ‘defamation case’. I know the causes and reasons because of which these ‘defamation cases’ are filed. I am also facing several on the same ground on which you, Sanjay, Ashish etc are also facing, that is the drug issue of Punjab. Punjab has several issues of its own and all are of utmost importance, but the Drug issue has become particularly important as on date because there is hardly any family in Punjab which is not suffering on this count. Take this issue by its horns and no one can prevent your party from coming in to power in Punjab and once your party is in saddle, you can address to all other issues. Navjot Singh Sidhu may be an asset though several in your party are not inclined in his favour.

I shall also be happy to share the names of top drug lords of Punjab who are hiding behind their masks across the spectrum; political, social, bureaucratic, police / security as also some of the law implementing authorities. Subject a few of them to interrogation and throw them behind the bars, like you threatened someone in a certain case and see the result for yourself. Subject certain officials of the Punjab police, its intelligence wing included and some guys working in the CMs secretariat and the Home Department and see how the lists / dossiers and files of drug barons and their accomplices spring out of nowhere. I offer to standby you all, but without joining your party.

I am no politician and have had no wish to be one or of even aligning with any of the political parties. Yes, I had dared to join your own party some years ago, at the insistence of Sanjay Singh and H. S. Phoolka, and later of Yogendra Yadav, but it was a disastrous decision, a night mare. I did it because both Sanjay and Phoolka had stood by me when Punjab police had made an abortive attempt to kidnap me from my house in Chandigarh and these two gentlemen were with me, the same evening. But later I was bayoneted by elements belonging both to Yogendra and your own groups. Yogendra and his protégé Sumail Sidhu kept demolishing and insulting me through their men including Kultar and Kheta Singh, besides others. I tolerated only because I thought that I was standing for a cause epitomized by you, yourself. Then came Jarnail Singh from your camp, out of nowhere, harpooning and trying to lynch me, sometimes even using Manish and Raghav, who probably hardly knew what all was going on, but were used none the less.. This was the time when I saw treacherous political games being played at me and by a political group with which I had dared to identify myself; very same games which I had been witnessing being played by war lords of the political arena all over the country. I did not feel like telling you because by this time meeting you required strenuous effort and I love being lazy in this particular exercise. I never met or tried to meet anyone, on my own, not even the Prime ministers, for a few of whom I had worked, the chief ministers or others, including the mighty Chiefs of the I.B., R&AW, C.B.I. or even of my own Punjab Police. Nevertheless, I kept working whole heartedly and zealously for your political set up, without raising any voice and then got sick & tired and decided to call it a day and work wholeheartedly for ‘my cause, the self ordained anti drug mission’.

Having succeeded in my mission in Punjab I am now working in several other states. I am a one man army, singing Robindro Nath Tagore’s ‘Ekla Chalo Re Bondhu’ and working for my mission.

Whosoever needs my help on anti drugs cause is welcome. BUT NO POLITICS, ‘BONDHU’…

Go succeed in Punjab, Arvind, it appears to be yours now. But a word of caution, do not let anti social elements particularly drug dealers hiding behind their masks, to join your brigade. They are trying to do so and desperately…

It will not only be disastrous for you but will mean curtains…

Friday, 22 July 2016

Situation in Kashmir

Situation in Kashmir

I have not been to Kashmir for years, but my recent visit to Agra in connection with my antidrug drive was indeed an eye opener with reference to the current situation in Kashmir.
Here I happened to meet with a group of some young foreigners who were in company of some young Kashmiri youth and who, though reluctant to disclose their respective identities, were however, extremely vocal and mind you, they were talking rationally. I was indeed taken aback with their knowledge about Kashmir where, they claimed, had been recently and had made good friends with local youth, a few of whom were accompanying them. As per their account condition in Kashmir valley is indeed worsening day by day and is extremely serious, alarming and volatile.

Naturally the Kashmir story is not of recent origin. It goes back to the carving of British India in to two hostile countries on the basis of religion, and may be to an extent of ‘caste and creed’ as well for Muslim migrants from India were given a different name, that is Muhajir, an Arabic-origin term used to describe Muslim immigrants and their descendants from a number of regions, particularly non Punjabi / Urdu speaking areas, of India. In several social circles they are still not welcome.

To my utter surprise, this small group of foreigners and Kashmiri youth starting talking giving reference to what they called the First Kashmir War of 1947-48 (The first of the four Indo-Pakistani Wars). They did not mince words stating that the Pakistani forces had, in the garb of a tribal militia attacked Kashmir taking benefit of the on-going communal violence in the Jammu region. Justifying the attack, they made no bones about their disillusionment about the Instrument of succession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh with India because of which India did succeed in retaining areas up to Srinagar and Uri. The Kashmiri lads, however were candid in admitting that they made this statement on account of their faith in an Islamic system of governance, which they further stated did not exist even in Pakistan, as it has been since ‘independence’. They expressed their wish for one pan Islamic rule in the areas inhabited by Muslims all over the world. (It was, to me, an alarming statement indicating their possible leanings towards the ISIS. Perhaps they did notice my surprise for in subsequent discussions they down played it condemning the violence oriented tactics of the ISIS.)

Our further discussion was more surprising. To my question about what went wrong after 1947, the Kashmiri boys stated that though Kashmiris wanted to merge with Pakistan on the basis of ethnicity and geographical continuity, but possibly they could have reconciled if their such of hopes were not permitted to kindle on account of the acceptance by the ‘Indian Government’ that Jammu and Kashmir was not really a part of India. The separate flag, separate laws, though akin to ‘Indian laws’ and the special treatment / status kept their hopes alive that one day they will be able to attain the status of an independent Islamic nation or may be as a matter of compromise, merge with Pakistan to start with and then continue their fight for a separate independent nation with the help of their brethren in the ‘Azad Kashmir’.

They alleged that none of the ‘Prime Ministers’ (read Chief Ministers) of ‘Kashmir’ were true to their land. Their prime and ultimate motive was just self-rule followed by the perpetuation of their family’s dynastic rules. They stated that Sheikh Abdullah was perhaps the dearest of their Prime Ministers and that he could have done a lot to redress their anti-India sentiments.

Talking of the present governance in the state they saw it as an attempt to ‘Hindu-ise’ their nation (as accepted by the Indian Constitution as well which gives them a special status). They did not either mince their words about the BJP- PDP alliance accepting at the same time that, having been aligned with the ‘Indian’ national government, it can ensure continued inflow of massive amounts of funds which any how ‘continue to be cornered and pocketed by influential people including politicians on almost a systematic  pattern discernible since the very beginning’.

Showing horrendous pictures, stored on their mobiles, of atrocities on Kashmiri populace, they also shared some equally gruesome pictures of attacks by Kashmiri youth on isolated Jawans both of the Indian armed and para military forces.  They stated that for quite some time educated and media / tech savvy youth have been joining the ranks of the armed militants and that Burhan Muzaffar Wani was not the only solitary instance. It is a new and worries-some addition to the on-going ‘Kashmiri struggle’ which is soon going to assume ‘international dimensions’. And that is is inching towards 'absolute impossibility' owing to the 'wrong handling by the Indian government, wait and see...'

these were the most ominous words... 

(Comments… 1-  These disclosures were made taking me as a freelance journalist.
                        2-  Added and then removed the pics. )

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Letter to the PM ( Copy to National Security Adviser) of India on Drugs

                                                                                                               Speed post / Email

The Principal Secretary to The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
The Prime Minister’s Office,
South Block
New Delhi 110001

Subject: DRUG CRISIS IN INDIA; Need for the intervention of the Hon’ble PM of India

Reference your address to the nation in December 2015, through ‘Man Kee Baat’ about the ‘Drug Crisis’ in India.


A-     My background

i-                    My name is Shashi Kant, I.P.S. (retd.), a former police officer of the rank of the Director General of Police in Punjab. I have been working as a human rights and an anti drug activist, in Punjab, for several years now. I have also been assisting the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana in certain petitions regarding the inflow, utilization and addiction of drugs in this region. Several of my suggestions have been graciously accepted and are being implemented by the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court

ii-                  To keep the perspective right, I may kindly be permitted to give my brief background. I, Shashi Kant, a 1977 batch (RR), officer was borne on the strength of the Punjab cadre of the I.P.S. I have intense and in depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects on account of my having worked in the State of Punjab, in various capacities and in various wings including field as also head quarter postings, including that of Deputy Inspector General and Inspector General of Police; Additional Director General of Police; intelligence, security, internal vigilance and operations; and then as Director General of Police; home guards, armed battalions and of prisons. I had also worked in the Government of India for a long time and served in intelligence agencies, Ministry of Home Affairs as also Ministry of External Affairs. I worked on a number of sensitive postings / assignments and carried out overt and covert operations as well, some of which were directly reported to the then Prime Ministers. I am a decorated officer who has been considered as a core intelligence officer, besides being also known as an ‘activist’ officer. I retired towards the end of June 1012. Since then I have been actively involved in ‘social and civil movements’, particularly against drugs.

iii-                It was during my posting as the Director General of Police (prisons) that I once again, (the first being in 2007 when I was posted as the head of intelligence wing of the Punjab police) saw and very closely studied the problem of drugs in Punjab, both in the open civil society and in the prison houses. I was shocked and moved by the magnitude there of and I decided to dedicate the remainder of my life to fight against the scourge of drugs and narcotics in the country, all facets thereof included, including the smuggling there of and de-addiction.

B-     Submissions;

i-                    Drugs are the biggest and one of the most serious of challenges before the country and needs to be crushed ruthlessly. Whereas the drug policy of the Government of India is full of loop holes, hardly any of the constituent States and Union Territories has any serious policy to combat it. Wherever such a policy exists, it is just on paper and is not being implemented in the right earnest. Despite the concern expressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his Man Ki Baat, no action has been taken by any of the Governments.  Besides the direct involvement of a number of high profile Indians, at several places including Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Upper Parbati region of Himachal the drug trade is being run by foreigners under the very nose of the governments and is fast becoming a grave threat to the national security as well.

ii-                  Common intoxicating / euphoric drugs which need to be controlled / curbed include;

-          Opiates (opium products / derivatives)
-          Cocaine
-          Psychotropic pharmaceuticals
-          Synthetic and designer drugs etc
-          Curbs also need to be strengthened on Hashish/ Marijuana/ Bhang and other similar ‘herbs’ besides
-          ‘Inhalants’ like thinner etc which are often being used by kids from slum areas as the first step ‘drugs’ before they become full-fledged addicts.

C-     Origin of drugs;

i-                    Of these, Opiates (Heroin / Smack) are primarily coming in from the ‘Golden Crescent’ consisting of Afghanistan and some areas of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. From Pakistan they are mostly being brought in through the Punjab border followed by areas falling in states of Rajasthan; though route from across J&K, Himachal, Gujarat and Mumbai besides the Nepal border are also being used. The Punjab route primarily opens in Delhi which is fast becoming a Drug Capital as well. From there the routes further cater to the ‘needs’ of the entire nation. Opiates, that are Heroin / Smack coming in, are for consumption within our entire country as also for further export to the United States and Europe besides Australia and other countries.

ii-                  The other major originating place for this category of contraband, that is Heroin, is The ‘Golden Triangle’ located in the area consisting of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia etc. Heroin is smuggled in, primarily through the North Eastern states and West Bengal. Drugs coming in through these routes are majorly for consumption in various states, primarily those in the North East, West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha etc besides the remainder of India as also it’s ‘export’ abroad.

iii-                Cocaine is being brought into the country by ‘couriers’ landing at various airports as also by way of sea. Most important of such ‘import centers’ include Mumbai, Delhi and Goa.

iv-                Psychotropic pharmaceuticals, Synthetic / Designer Drugs are being produced all over. Ingredients like Ephedrine and Pseudo Ephedrine are procured from various ‘pharmaceutical parks’ and other hubs manufacturing drugs at various places in the country  despite the fact that they are ‘controlled substances. Some of the latest of such designer drugs are also ‘imported’ directly on one pretext or the other and sold off on either false prescription in the black market.

D-    Availability in the country
All of them are almost freely available across the country, particularly all metropolitan towns.

E-     Effect on national economy
Unfortunately no statistics is available, in respect of the entire country, to indicate the quantum of drugs trade / drug addiction / deaths / incapacitation on their account.  The magnitude of entire trade is expected to be astronomical. This money is traded through hawala and illegal banking practices and is utilized for various purposes. It is a parallel economy running in the country and is further worsening the problem of ‘Black Money’ in the country and adversely affecting the economy of the country.

F-     Effect on Foreign Policy
The drug trade is also tarnishing the image of the country which has become one of the most important drug routes leading to several countries abroad, including the USA, Canada, Britain, the European Union and Australia etc.  I am not aware if this issue was ever raised in course of the successful visits of the Prime Minister abroad, but sooner or later it will be raised because these countries are quite restive about the issue of the drug trade into their territory and it may be a big embarrassment for the country and the Hon’ble Prime minister’s successful and effective foreign policy.

G-     Possible suggestions to combat the menace may include following;

i-                    Cutting the chain of supply and arrest of the drug lords / barons after identification thereof by the police with the help of the central agencies including the CBI and the Intelligence agencies.
ii-                  Identification of Government officials, including police and security services, besides several other departments, who are conniving with the drug lords / barons/ smugglers; their summary dismissal under article 311 of the Constitution of India and then summary trials by the courts of law.
iii-                De addiction of addicts by the health department.
iv-                Their 'settlement' (job wise) by various ministries.
v-                  Amending the legal provisions for removal of stigma attached with the word addiction. Addiction is just a disease and can be cured. Its declaration as ‘disease’ will bring in the Indian Medical Council and the medical fraternity in a big way. A lot many national and international agencies which provide donations for medical causes may also be able to help the addicts.
vi-                Counseling of the family members as also of the addict by health dept.
vii-              Creating awareness in the society on the issue of drugs by all ministries.
viii-            Induction of a syllabus on drugs by the education departments. The syllabus for various age groups needs to be prepared by the education department with the help of psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists
ix-                Similar education program for the parents to recognize the signs of drug addiction among kids, even from the primary stage and education as to how to 'handle' the kids
x-                  Adequate sports activities among youth
xi-                Carrier counseling for children and youth of various age groups
xii-              Trying to improve employment opportunities to the extent possible

H-    Prayer

1-     Through this petition, I beg to draw the attention of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India towards the pathetic state of affairs in the entire country on account of open and easy availability of drugs because of which generations are either being lost or are getting incapacitated in more than one ways.

2-     The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, himself is aware of the hopeless situation across the country where drugs business continues to thrive on account of the involvement / unholy nexus between some politicians, some officials of the security forces including police and some other segments of the society / officialdom.

3-     The Hon’ble Prime Minister himself known as a crusader against drugs and has been expressing himself strongly on the issue.

4-     The petitioner is enclosing herewith information which is available on the net and indicates that the entire country is flooded and affected by drugs. It is humbly requested that the Drug situation needs to be centrally monitored and suitable / uniform instructions need to be issued to all Union and all State Governments to take action as per a uniform ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ to crush the unholy drug nexus operation in the country.

5-     The petitioner has immense knowledge on the subject and is prepared to assist in any desired way to bring an end to the prevailing and continuing NARCO POLITICS AND NARCO TERRORISM in the country.

6-     Information available on the net indicating that the entire country is flooded and affected by drugs, is enclosed for favour of perusal.

(Shashi Kant)
Chandigarh, July 9, 2016
#1258, Sector 18-C
Mobile; 8054433333

Copy to The NSA to the Hon’ble P.M. of India with humble request that this issue may kindly be taken up earnestly in the ultimate National Interest

(Shashi Kant)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Yet another futile attempt to pressurise me to withdraw from anti drug crusade


 The SHO,
Sector 19 Police Station,


My name is Shashi Kant, I.P.S. (Retd), a former DGP from Punjab. I am a resident of #1258, Sector 18-C, Chandigarh.

I am a pro human rights and anti drug activist and have been fighting against drugs in Punjab and other places since 2007, more pronouncedly since 2011 and whole time since 2012, when I retired. The drug mafia, is obviously led by certain high profile politicians, assisted by some officials belonging to various services, including some from the Punjab Police itself.

I have been exposing them from various stages including the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh.

Yesterday, that is July 12, 2016, a certain gentleman from Punjab police intelligence had come to my house to check up on my threat perception. The gentleman had served under me and I knew him as a gentleman. During frank talk, he asked me who all had been threatening me and from all whom I had threat and I told him all. I told him that the basic threat emanated from the very top persons of the Punjab Government and the Punjab Police and in course of talk, I revealed names of may of them as well. He had brought a paper showing that my threat perception was required by July 12 itself by 10. AM. I told him frankly that I don’t need any security cover as such but in case anything happens either to me or to any of my family members then who all will be responsible. He stated that he will verbatim report and I told him that I had no problem whatsoever.

Let me make it categorically clear once that I have been attacked and threatened besides abduction bids on me, on a number of occasions. I am being threateningly asked not to raise or pursue the drug case any where including the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana high court.

Last late night, past midnight, that is the night intervening July 12/13 2016, at least three unknown persons tried to trespass into my house. But probably got scared of my security dog. Then they kept banging at the main gate and kept ringing the bell showing their desperation. They also kept throwing the light beam of their car/ cars at my house and made every effort to get us out.

I am bringing these fact to your kind notice for necessary action as deemed fit. Earlier also I have been lodging reports with your police station but of no avail.

Once again I am briging the desperate efforts of these anti social and anti national people to your notice. You may take action as deemed fit. The names of persons inimical to me and my family are written in my earlier complaints to you. I had also intimated the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryanas High Court about them


(Shashi Kant, IPS Retd)
Former DGP / Punjab
#1258, Sector 18- C

Copy for information and necessary action

1-    SSP, Chandigarh

Copy, in person to the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

Copy (by post) the Registrar Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Interview In Deccan Herald dated July 10/ 2016

My interview in Deccan Herald, bangalore where in i have raised the issue of drug problem in bangalore as well. unfortunately Bangalore is stated to become a hub.

Entire page can be seen at:  (page no.7)

Deccan Herald, Bangalore

'Cut the supply lines, arrest the drug lords'

Gautam Dheer, Jul 10, 2016, DHNS:
Shashi Kant
Whether Punjab lives in a state of denial or otherwise, drug menace is consuming lives. The state needs a durable solution and Punjab former DGP (Prisons) Shashi Kant, who has investigated as well as deeply studied the issue both as an officer and an activist, has kept the focus alive on stemming the rot.
In an interview to Deccan Herald’s Gautam Dheer, he spoke of the political patronage to the drug mafia and the way forward. Excerpts:

How serious is the drug problem in Punjab? Has it been blown out of proportion?

Drug is a major problem. But there is no credible data to ascertain the real extent of the problem. Surveys that have been conducted are incomprehensive, often limited to a small sample size and particular areas. My sense is that reports have been scaled down. Even the latest AIIMS survey data appears fudged since there was no documentary backup. Nevertheless, several reports point towards high drug abuse, especially among the youth. After 14 years, the Centre has now ordered a comprehensive survey, which may take two to three years.  

Is there political patronage to drug trade?

Of course there is. It’s a deep rooted nexus. And it’s not that individuals of any one particular party are involved, it’s across political parties, which makes it murkier. The big fish goes scot free all the time. My report as intelligence chief on drugs in Punjab names drug lords, politicians, police officers and people across the spectrum who in one way or the other are linked to the narcotics trade. Without political and police patronage, the trade can neither exist nor flourish. There is a need to break this nexus, without which the issue will not be addressed.      

Is drug trade, the nexus and the entire ambit of drugs a new phenomenon in Punjab? 
No, it’s not new. It’s been there since decades starting perhaps from the mid-1980s. Though it’s not something that has cropped up during the incumbent rule of the SAD-BJP combine, there has been in the last 10 years a tremendous increase in drug menace in the state. Besides traditional drugs, “synthetic drugs and designer drugs” have aggravated the menace.

Is the problem home grown or a failure of the border force to check infiltration from Pakistan and Afghanistan and beyond?

High priced drugs are smuggled from across the border to Punjab and other states. It’s the notorious golden triangle route. But there are synthetic drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and some other drugs that are sold without fear under trademark signs and numbers. The riverine belt close to the Punjab border with Pakistan is vulnerable, just as the border fence from where Pakistan smugglers have often passed on drugs in plastic pipes etc to their accomplices in Punjab. Then there are other cocktail medicines–5 number ki Goli, Chand goli (5 number tablet, moon tablet).  There is a clear possibility that these have roots in Punjab and the neighbouring states. The Punjab and Haryana High Court is hearing the matter in a PIL filed by me. On the directions of the high court, I have written to the CBI and other agencies to widen the scope of the probe. 

Has the SAD-BJP government done enough to tackle the problem?

I don’t trust this government. No supply lines appear to have been broken. Many of those arrested for various offences are petty peddlers, addicts etc. Drug lords still escape the law. Unless they are punished by the law, supply lines cannot be dismantled. Even the Punjab and Haryana High Court has asked the government to come up with details of major drug peddlers arrested by them.

What is the way forward?

A multi-pronged approach needs to be followed. A collective effort is needed. Foremost is to cut supply lines. The big fish–the drug lords–need to be arrested. The nexus between the politicians, police, BSF and customs has to be broken and the accused brought to book. There’s a dire need to strengthen de-addiction centers. A sustainable re-settlement plan for drug addicts needs to be in place. The affected youth need to be roped into sports activities. I have also suggested that the Union government categorize drug addiction as an illness, which will bring in international cooperation and expertise.
That the problem of drugs is limited to only Punjab appears far-fetched.

The PIL in the Punjab and Haryana High Court is addressing the issue concerning the two states and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Last week, I filed a PIL in the Supreme Court highlighting the extent of the menace across several other states, some of which are living in denial. Down south, Bengaluru is turning into a hub for drugs like cocaine. An NGO moved the Rajasthan High Court which eventually passed a judgment banning sale of poppy husk in the state in a regulated manner.