Wednesday, 31 August 2016

“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” AAP Delhi, don’t ignore Punjabis from Punjab…

“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

AAP Delhi, don’t ignore Punjabis from Punjab…

I have met Kanwar Sandhu, the celebrated journalist and intellectual, only twice in my life time. But I have high regards for this gentleman who has been the resident editor of The Hindustan Times for quite some time. I have heard people only talking good about him, which by itself should be considered a feather in his cap; er I mean his pagg (despite his being in the AAP), given the human nature where one is in love with no one but oneself only. Yeah, I am talking about this narcissist ‘dunia’.

In one of my blogs, a couple of days or so, ago, I had expressed my doubt about his day today accessibility to the AAP High Command in Delhi. Coming in that background I was not really surprised by Kanwar Sandhu’s status on the Face Book which I saw this morning. It read…

‘Tohra's hasty induction
I wish I had known about Harmail Singh Tohra's involvement in the unfortunate attack on AAP MP, Dr Dharamvir Gandhi in 2014 Lok Sabha polls. I would have opposed his entry. Now this person must publicly apologize for his role in the attack. Besides, he should prove that he is committed to AAP's strategy before being made a candidate for any polls. Obviously, we need to be more careful in inducting people left and right and broad-base the screening process for the same.’

This status took me back by a few months when some of my friends had tried to put me in touch with Durgesh Pathak, the wonder kid of AAP Delhi who is here to ‘set / revive’ (I do not know which one of the two is more appropriate word) AAP in Punjab for AAP in Delhi. He had bluntly refused to talk to me even on the phone. No issues. I am an ordinary man. After having left AAP way back in 2014 itself, I, a politically disoriented man, had decided not to join any political party throughout the remainder of my life. Not that I am not politically oriented because all of us have inclination in favour of one party or the other and we do cast our votes as such. It is just that I do not want to remain gagged in any way. While in service I was gagged by rules of conduct, at home I am gagged by rules set up by my wife, in society I am gagged by so called ridiculous set of social rules and regulations. I do not to want add on to my agony by once again getting gagged by the stupid conduct rules of any political party. Yeh mat karo, woh mat karo. Yahan jhoot bolo, wahan janta ko moorkh banaao. All utter nonsensical things.

Oh, my apologies for having diverted from the topic. Do excuse me for that. I am not getting younger day by day and advancing age does bring in its own share of getting senile.

I just wanted to say that Kanwar Sandhu’s ‘Face Book Status’ reminded me of a play which I had read ‘centuries back’ (time gone by looks like centuries). This was a famous play by Edward Albee, way back in 1962. The name of the play was “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?This play was about breakdown of the marriage of a middle aged couple, Martha and George who had a bitter and frustrated relationship and both of them were busy playing dangerous and foul emotional games with each other. I got reminded of this play because as on date apparently strained relationship between ‘outsider AAPians’ and ‘home grown AAPians’ is the topic of discussion even amongst common ‘riff-raffiers’ like me. The marriage between the two is apparently running into rough weather and both are trying emotional blackmail on each other.

Way back in 2013 when AAP Delhi was trying to establish AAP Punjab, a substantial chunk of ‘brave hearted’ populace of Punjab had just jumped on to the ‘nihilistic’ ideology and philosophy of Arvind. They took risk and worked zealously spending their own hard earned money hoping to usher in a new era in torn, looted and ravaged Punjab. Unfortunately for them, their dreams were torn apart the way certain candidates were air dropped out of nowhere. The old volunteers were shattered on one hand and hounded by the administration, on the other. Again, ‘talking of the present tense’ the same set of old volunteers continues being ignored, only and may be because they have a mind of their own. When AAP Delhi had started inducting intellectuals like Kanwar Sandhu and outstanding journalists like Chander Suta Dogra and Manpreet Randhawa, to name only a few, one thought that things were going to be set alright. But again, it appears that they are also in the process of sidelined, like other established politicians of AAP in Punjab; like Sucha Singh Chotepur, Sukhpal Khaira etc. Blocking the entry of individuals like both the Navjots and both the Bains brothers (of Ludhiana) also sent negative vibes.

Leadership of AAP Delhi should realize that they are not sending correct signals in Punjab. They can’t succeed by retaining only ‘outsiders’ or those of ‘insider’ Punjabis as their representatives, who are not likely to take a stand in front of the AAP Trimurti. Punjabis are a martial race. They are second to none. They don’t tolerate second rung treatment. They should not ignore ‘enlightened’ Punjabis from Punjab. The target of Arvind is Delhi 2019. If Punjabis feel that they are being taken on a ride, then results can be disastrous in 2019.

About time Arvind and his friends start taking note of blunt advice of their well wishers and mend their ways.

We all want ushering in of a new era not only in Punjab but in the country as such.

Please don’t re-enact the play ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’. Try to save the marriage.

Don’t embitter your relations with Punjab and home grown Punjabis…

Monday, 29 August 2016

PUNJAB AT CROSS-ROADS: 2017 (Part 5); Punjab Pradesh Congress


Punjab Pradesh Congress

One self goal after the other and one deliberate LBW after the other have brought AAP, which has been the forerunner in Punjab politics of date, on a pedestal where they have to decide whether they want to remain in the electoral race of the state or not. This electoral race has a grand victory trophy in shape of formation of a government in a bankrupt state where people are immensely rich and ever ready to cough up money at the slightest of twisting of their arms by people in position and in power. What a grand trophy it is, eh!!!

The biggest blunder being committed by AAP is that it is just banking on the grand and gala anti incumbency against the SAD (B) without any Punjab centric policy. Intelligentsia which hardly counts for anything worthwhile in the state of Punjab has been sincerely raking up this issue which is not falling in the ears of the AAPian leaders where as political parties like Congress and SAD (B) have just been using absence of Punjab centric policy of the AAP, as an election plank without any sincerity towards Punjab and its people as such. Anyhow from the point of view of a political analyst I, in this chapter, would discuss the position and strategies of the Congress.

At national level, Congress is at the rock bottom from where it can certainly rise and come out if it really and earnestly wants to. From the perspective of Punjab till the emergence of the third force called AAP, the trophy was captured alternately by Congress and SAD (B). In 2012 Assembly elections Congress lost majorly because of its own faults; that are over confidence, public dislike for some guys from within the coterie of Capt Amarinder Singh, back stabbing of the Capt by some people basking in the glory of his own charmed circle, infighting and internal sabotage, to name some of the more important reasons. Notwithstanding the self devastating role of the AAP, as on date, chances of Congress winning the prized trophy appear remote, not impossible though. Reasons primarily remain the same, as they were in 2012. The only additional factor of consequence this time is comparative dearth of ‘resources’ vis a vis SAD (B).

Capt. Singh had won the first round of the electoral race on account of his sheer grit and guts, rather than any strategy, when he successfully cornered Congress High Command to make him the PPCC president as also Chief Ministerial face for 2017 elections. This incidentally was also a strategic decision for the High Command which knew that it was fighting a battle for its survival with its back to the wall. There was no manoeuvring space. Capt had a commendable base and he has been a fighter. Had he not been made the chief ministerial candidate, he possibly would have floated his own political party and it was widely rumoured that he almost had. To hand over the reins to Capt was a last minute ‘sane and strategic decision of the party high command. It came in the middle of a scenario where a confident Pratap Bajwa had successfully ingratiated himself not only to Rahul but his back room boys as well. So sure he had become of his fortifications that he was in the middle of planning a gala show for Rahul in Punjab, during which several known independent and non political persons of standing were intended to be made to join Congress party. He had even started distributing important organisational posts and party tickets for 2017 assembly elections. Rahul Gandhi is said to have been firmly with him though Sonia Gandhi was inclined towards the Capt. Ultimately Capt’s determined arm twisting and Sonia’s soft corner for him worked in his favour.

And now the stage is set where Capt has to prove himself. Stakes are indeed high for Congress but they are higher for the Capt. Defeat may be disastrous for him. Not only he will have to start anew but it will be a setback for his son Raninder as well. Latter is not very old in politics and has already tasted defeat. His wife Parneet kaur has her constituency well knitted out but she too can’t survive totally on her own. Strategy of the Congress in retaining Prashant Kishore may not succeed. Political skulduggery and not just image building is needed. Prashant is banking upon a team of about hundred odd novice youth who are managing Captain’s media and social sites hoping to succeed like Arvind’s IT team. Prashant fails to realise that where as Arvind’s team had dedicated youngsters; he only has highly qualified youth but without either experience or dedication. They are just working as paid employees and most are either in the process of  deciding to quit or are already busy locating there next assignments. They are being used for several other sundry purposes as well like data collection and identification of local issues, opinion of so-called influentials etc and to use the data tactically in preparation of manifesto etc. Capt and Prashant need to realise that more than just data collection is needed. In other words ‘manoeuvring’ is needed and required at sundry field levels and that it is not possible on account of on the ground factionalism. As far as manoeuvring is concerned, they may get the support of some left oriented parties and some of the dera owners. But it may not really suffice. Prashant’s team is not being taken seriously by locals and they are not getting required support from people. Moreover even senior party leaders are ruing that neither theirs nor their party’s image is being enhanced. They allege that entire exercise is only a Captain centric action plan and they are already deliberating how to scuttle it. Team Prashant is planning to soon embark upon field rallies all over the state to try boosting image not only of Capt Amarinder but of the local party leaders and potential candidates as well. But it is again being looked upon sceptically since potential candidates are reportedly expected to spend at least ten crores each for their individual contest and image building in times to come. It is learnt that the PPCC has received more that seventeen hundred application of such potentially rich candidates.   

If Prashant Kishore really wants to help captain then he will need to rope in Nitish Kumar who can successfully garner Pravasi votes for any party. Unfortunately for Capt, Nitish has good equation with Arvind and may standby him ultimately. Incidentally Nitish is already eyeing Pravasi vote bank in Punjab and is likely to visit Punjab soon.

Some regional satraps with in Punjab Congress have already started mobilising their supporters to plan a grand sabotage. Such like individuals may include many of the seventeen hundred of such individuals who have the capacity to spend at-least ten crores each on their election campaign. Given that the total number of assembly seats are only 117, one can imagine the magnitude of the resultant 'Mahabharata' between the individuals who manage to get the 'ticket' and those who fail to get the same. Unfortunately for Capt neither the state nor central intelligence is there to feed him with raw data which is needed to plan the war room strategies. 

Incidentally a section of people in Punjab believe that Capt has lost his charisma and aggression. This is one single most damaging factor which does not go well with marshal Punjabis. Capt had also not been able to unfold his real action plan to combat the drug menace which has inundated and devastated the state.

About time that Captain Amarinder Singh renovates and commissions his war room and starts roaring like he used to…

War has been announced and trumpets may start blowing soon…

PUNJAB AT CROSS-ROADS: 2017 (Part 4); Self goal by AAP and aftermath...


Self goal by AAP and aftermath...

I am writing this blog after a gap of several weeks. I had been travelling in Punjab as also in Himachal Pradesh. I do not know if I have come out a shade wiser nor am still the same old fool. Anyhow my impressions of these days have been varied, ‘Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gum’ kinda! I will write about each of them separately, one by one.

First about Punjab as I see it as on date; the political scenario, as we inch towards Assembly elections scheduled for early 2017. The political scene which was hazy is become murkier. This chapter is dedicated to AAP, Punjab. Hope my plain talk, without malice, does not make them bitterer towards me.

AAP Punjab, which till now was ahead of others, in the race, had for some time now been showing signs of fatigue. After a steady climb, it had not only slowed down but even started showing signs of moving towards decline. There were serious internal bickering at all levels and the top leadership of AAP Delhi, which has no roots in Punjab, was getting aloof from Punjabi masses. Instead of trying to win over the masses it only hoped to cash on serious anti-incumbency against SAD and general anti Congress sentiments in a section of Punjabis.  It was becoming head strong, arrogant and refusing to come out of its ivory tower. First indication was criticism of Sanjay Singh, the ‘over ground’ party leader who was accused of generally favouring and of being in the company only of rich and powerful; some of whom had a somewhat shady past and against whom accusations of not being upright were being leveled. Complaints were lodged with the second and third rung of the AAP leadership in Delhi, but of no avail. Sanjay is one of the ‘Tri Murti’ of the party. The king, that is the Tri Murti in case of AAP, can do no wrong.

Talking of the ‘underground’ leadership of AAP, one which is not visible but is immensely active, as compared to ‘over ground’ leadership, mentioned in the preceding para; one headed by ‘Durgesh & Co’ had also been losing touch with masses. They were accessible only to the top rung leadership of various stray parties and pressure groups including Dera heads and unions. Undoubtedly ‘Durgesh & Co’ had been immensely successful in their venture and whatever inroads AAP had made, was because of them. They had been steadily working like a mole, or to put it in a slightly better language, like underground ‘operational intelligent agencies.’ I simply adore and love their modus operandi. But they failed to gauge and manage individual ambitions of the ‘old and established home grown leadership of Punjab’ which was basically not happy with the dictates of ‘outsiders’ for whom often ‘derogatory’ phrases  like ‘East India Company from Delhi’ and ‘Resident leadership of AAP Delhi’ were being used. I am really surprised that intelligentsia and top notch media managers like Kanwar Sandhu, Manpreet Randhawa and Chandra Suta Dogra also failed to see it all or may be, of which I am not privy, they were not heard by the ‘AAP Tri Murti’. Besides Arvind and Sanjay, several other top rung leaders of AAP like Ashish Khaitan, Kumar Vishwas etc had been in touch with them, but again I don’t know who failed and where. First sign of their faltering was evident when ‘Youth Manifesto’ came up.

Talking about the ‘old inland and established leadership’ of Punjab which had joined the party, serious rumblings had been going on for a long time now. Though the elevation of Sucha Singh Chotepur as Party Convener in Punjab went unnoticed and did not create any controversy but his act of ensuring that no ‘powerful’ person joined AAP Punjab did start the ball rolling. He was insecure all the time and he tried to ensure his ‘safety. The only person he was vary of, was advocate Phoolka who ensured his continuous presence in Punjab in general and in Ludhiana Rural in particular. Dr Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa, who had a ‘mind of their own’ got isolated. Bhagwant Mann was busy attempting hara-kiri all the time. Perhaps Sadhu Singh believed in the saying ‘a bird in hand is better than two in the bush’ and as such was happy. Sucha Singh has been on the same page with Sukhpal Khaira, another seasoned politician from Punjab and who was inducted and made spokes person of the party. Chotepur erroneously hoped of containing Phoolka who has considerable base amongst Punjabis in Delhi which is the very base of Arvind as well. Delhi is Arvind’s priority and he can’t dare to neglect it even in wildest of his dreams. Then came up the name of Navjot Singh Sidhu, a deadly meteorite who could demolish everyone else in the AAPian politics of Punjab and along with the callahoy all hands on the deck’, come and join the task force to oppose Navjot. Even the Tri Murti was scared in Delhi because Navjot has following in Punjab, a strong mind of his own and could pose a challenge to Arvind. AAP only wants a ‘supportive base’ in Punjab. I was sure of but one thing right from day one and that is that either of Navjots will not be inducted in the party. And I was right. Next writing on the wall was that now it is the turn of Chotepur and inevitable happened.

Old volunteers of AAP have been unhappy from day one, since the Parliamentary elections when they saw ‘para-shoot candidates’ being dropped in from nowhere. Old volunteers were ignored all along because they were individuals with drive, initiative, guts and grit; who refused to blindly follow the party dictates. Their local level units were set up all over, the strongest being in Jalandhar followed by Ludhiana. They have generally been opposed to Phoolka who, they allege did not stand by him. And now Phoolka is the most likely Chief Ministerial face, as on date, of AAP Punjab. Forces opposed both to Arvind and Phoolka are now being contacted by leaders belonging to Yogendra Yadav’s camp, whose initial plan to set up the ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’ in Punjab has failed miserably.

Next few weeks will be but an interesting ‘tug of war’ not only within AAP but in the form of attacks and counter attacks on it both by Congress and SAD.

Let’s sit back and enjoy…

Friday, 19 August 2016

तोड़ दो यह बुत

I ain't a poet but these lines just got written as if by themselves...

तोड़ दो यह बुत-ओ-मकाँ इन बुतफरोशों के, सारे शहर-अो-मुल्क से अब,
वह भी इन्सान थे रूस-अो-इराक़ में, क्या तुम्हारे ही बाज़ुअों में दम नहीं;

ज़ुल्म ओ सितम सहने की आदत सी पड़ चुकी है तुमको,
शायद अब खुली ख़ुशगवार हवा में साँस लेने की ख़्वाहिश भी नहीं;

या खुदा मेरे, ऐसी क़ौम को मौत भी नहीं माफ़िक़,
कि दोज़ख़ की आग भी शर्मिंदा हो जायेगी   इनके रूबरू;

कि सोचेगी वह आग ए दोज़ख़ भी कई बार कि,
क्यों नापाक हो जाऊँ मैं ऐसे इन्सानों को छू कर;

शर्मसार होगा खुदा भी अपनी ख़ुद की खुदाई पर कि,
क्यों टूट न गये हाथ उसके, भगत सिंह की क़ौम को बे क़ौम करते हुये;

ग़म तो यह है, या बदक़िस्मती है यह कि,
खुदाई शर्मसार हो सकती है पर यह इन्सां नहीं;

तो मरने दो इसको, जीने दो ज़िन्दगी ज़िल्लत की; दो मौत मरने दो, शर्मसार होने दो;
रुसवा होते देखने दो इसको अपने ही पर्दानशीनों को और अपने घरबारों को...

Friday, 12 August 2016

PUNJAB AT CROSSROADS: 2017 (Part 3); Dilemma of the AAP, Punjab


Dilemma of the AAP, Punjab

The recent debate on IBN7, a few days back substantiated my observation that the Aam Admi Party in Punjab is under a massive and serious psychological attack from all sides.


For those of us who are not able to gauge the seriousness of this statement, I would like to refer to a rough parallel and draw their attention to what Field Marshall Sam Mankeshaw had done during the siege of Dhaka. He got repeated nerve wrecking warnings issued / broadcasted to the beleaguered Pakistani forces, at regular intervals, telling them about the massive siege and disastrous annihilation if they did not surrender and they did succumb without any further delay. It was an age old war strategy utilised timely and successfully. Had Pakistanis not panicked and consequently surrendered on account of this psychological warfare, the war possibly would have got lingered on with further heightening of international pressure on India to halt and the result would have been like what had happened in Kashmir way back in 1947 when advancing (though belatedly) Indian forces were made to halt and half-heatedly shout ‘ceasefire’ under international pressure.

The general impression after this afore said panel discussion was that the AAP Punjab was not only under attack but they were exhibiting signs of mounting tension, distress and of not been able to withstand them. As a matter of fact, they have been flustering for quite some time. Perhaps the reason there for is that most of the party activists are still more of volunteers. They are under pressure not only from outside but from within the party as well.

That they are under pressure from other parties is more than obvious. Their entry into Punjab, way back in 2014, was taken lightly both by Congress and SAD and they were taken by surprise when this new party cornered four out of the total of 13 Lok Sabha seats. The decision of the AAP to contest forthcoming Lok Sabha elections has badly unnerved the traditional political parties of Punjab that is, the Congress and SAD. Strong anti incumbency arising out of not so good ten year rule has made the ruling elite nervous. They are facing numerous challenges on almost all issues including drugs, deteriorating law and order situation, farmers’ suicides, bad financial management leading to bankruptcy, massive corruption, ‘kabza’ culture and alleged grabbing of natural, public as also private property and resources; to name a few. The Congress remains ridden with ‘Congress culture’, its biggest and monstrous enemy, which is slowly yet continuously eating it up. Assessments based on field studies, indicate that till not Prashant Kishore has not been able to make any substantial dent. Normal public perception is that Capt. Amarinder Singh has mellowed down and he is not as aggressive as he used to be, a factor which made him popular amongst chivalrous Punjabis. Continued existence of the so-called ‘coterie’ around him is also damaging his image and public perception. Common fear from AAP, is bringing both Congress and SAD together for a limited purpose, that is to damage their common enemy. Only the time will tell how much and to what extent, do they succeed in ‘cutting AAP to size’.

Aam Aadmi Party is also suffering from internal conflict and tensions about which their top leaders are not bothered. Top leadership is confident of their victory at the hustling and continues to ignore internal distensions and turmoil. Their limited purpose is to be in power in Punjab in 2017 and to try for others states like Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat etc., keeping their eyes on Lok Sabha in 2019. Punjab is a small state sending only 13 members of parliament and naturally they too get spread over and divided amongst various parties. Such a small number of elected representatives do not count for much in the Lok Sabha except in a scenario where the party in power in the centre has a thin majority and each and every head counts. On account of this reason internal strife within the party does not bother its national leadership but it is giving nightmares to the state level leadership and aspirants for the MLAship of Punjab Vidhan Sabha. For them it is a question of life and death and mounting tension has started showing on their behaviour which is constantly in evidence in their day today life and public behaviour. They are flustering, losing their nerve which, in turn is putting a question mark on their capability to rule the state. This factor shall be grabbed by political parties which are opposed to the AAP in Punjab.

About time that Arving Kejariwal, the party chief organises some Vipasana courses for the state level leadership or give them lessons himself as to how to cope up with internal and external pressures.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Letter Petition to the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on the Drug situation in each of the States and Union Territories of India

                                                                                                               Registered post
                                                                                                           LETTER PETITION

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India,
The Supreme Court of India,
Bhagwan Das Road
New Delhi 110001


1-    I, Shashi Kant, I.P.S. (retd.), a former police officer of the rank of the Director General of Police in Punjab, have been working as a human rights and an anti drug activist for several years now. On account of this reason, I was ordered by the H’onble High Court of Punjab and Haryana to assist the Hon’ble Court in an ongoing petition CWP-2011 (O&M), Tarlochan Singh vs.  State of Punjab and others. This petition was about the smuggling and availability of drugs in prison houses of Punjab. Accordingly I had appeared before the Hon’ble court on August 13, 2013 and submitted my suggestions in form of a note, for favour of consideration. Several suggestions were graciously accepted by the Hon’ble DB No. 1.
2-    To keep the perspective right, I may kindly be permitted to give my short background. I, Shashi Kant, a 1977 batch (RR), officer was borne on the strength of the Punjab cadre. I have intense and in depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects on account of my having worked in the state of Punjab, in various capacities and in various wings including field as also head quarter postings, including that of Deputy Inspector General and Inspector General of Police; Additional Director General of Police; intelligence, security, internal vigilance and operations; and then as Director General of Police; home guards, armed battalions and of prisons. I had also served in the Government of India for a long time and served in intelligence agencies, Ministry of Home Affairs as also Ministry of External Affairs. I worked on a number of sensitive postings / assignments and carried out overt and covert operations as well, some of which were directly reported to the Prime Ministers. I am a decorated officer who has been considered as a core intelligence officer, besides being also known as an ‘activist’ officer. I retired towards the end of June 1012. Since then I have been actively involved in ‘social and civil movements’ including that of Anna Hazare.
3-    It was during my posting as the Director General of Police (prisons) that I once again, (the first being in 2007 when I was posted as the head of the intelligence wing of the Punjab police and had got compiled a detailed list of drug barons / lords of Punjab, their associates and accomplices, which included several top politicians across the spectrum, police, security and other officials and ‘gentlemen’ civilians. This list was personally handed over by me to the Chief Minister, but no action was taken by him and the list did not see the light of the day there after. Punjab government has been issuing different and divergent statements on this count. In the open DB No. 1 of the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court it was stated by them, sometimes in 2013 /2014 that,’ the list is not traceable’, then ‘list is not on record’ and then and shockingly, ‘the list has been tampered one’. Several renowned lawyers are witness to it.), saw and studied the problem of drugs in Punjab, both in the open civil society and in the prison houses. I was shocked and moved by the magnitude there of and I decided to dedicate the remainder of my life to fight against the scourge of drugs and narcotics in the country, all facets thereof included, including the smuggling there of and de-addiction.
4-    Having  seen and intensely studied the problem of drugs from very close quarters I had moved a Letter Petition to the then Hon’ble Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court with the request that the same be kindly be accepted as a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION. The same was graciously accepted by the Hon’ble DB No 1 and listed as CWP No. 20359 0f 2013 (O&M), Court on its own Motion Vs. State of Punjab and others.
5-    Through this petition, I had drawn the attention the Hon’ble court towards the fact that on account of the unholy nexus between some politicians, some officials of the security forces including police and some other segments of the society / officialdom etc, almost an entire generation was lost on account of drugs in Punjab. (A copy of my letter petition is enclosed for favour of ready reference.)
6-    Subsequent to the posting out of the then Chief Justice, the CWP was pursued by several other benches and now it is before the DB headed by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Surya Kant. The bench was kind enough to implead, at my request, the state of Haryana and U.T. Chandigarh as well because both of them are also facing a serious drug crisis in which generations, particularly the younger generation is getting ruined. It is the question of their life and death. The case is being taken up in all its dimensions.
1-    Drugs are the biggest and one of the most serious of the challenges before the country and needs to be crushed ruthlessly. Whereas the drug policy of the Government of India is full of loop holes, hardly any of the constituent states have any serious policy to combat it. Wherever such a policy exists, it is just on paper and is not being implemented in the right earnest. Despite the concern expressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his Man Ki Baat, no action has been taken by any of the Governments.  It may also be stated here that at several places including Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Upper Parbati region of Himachal the drug trade is being run by foreigners.

2-    Common intoxicating / euphoric drugs which need to be controlled / curbed include;
i-       Opiates (opium products / derivatives)
ii-    Cocaine
iii-  Psychotropic pharmaceuticals
iv-  Synthetic and designer drugs etc
v-    Curbs also need to be strengthened on Hashish/ Marijuana/ Bhang and other similar ‘herbs’ besides
vi-  ‘Inhalants’ like thinner etc which are often being used by kids from slum areas as the first step ‘drugs’ before they become full-fledged addicts.

3-    Origin of drugs;
i-                   Of these, Opiates (Heroin / Smack) are primarily coming in from the ‘Golden Crescent’ consisting of Afghanistan and some areas of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. They mostly are being brought in through the Punjab border followed by areas falling in states of Rajasthan; though route from across J&K, Himachal, Gujarat and Mumbai besides the Nepal border are also used, though to a lesser extent. Opiates, that are Heroin / Smack coming in, are for consumption within our country as also for further export to the United States and Europe besides Australia and other countries.

ii-                The other major originating place for this category of contraband, that is Heroin, is The ‘Golden Triangle’ located in the area consisting of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia etc. Heroin is smuggled in, primarily through the North Eastern states and West Bengal. Drugs coming in through these routes are majorly for consumption in various states, primarily those in the North East, West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha etc.

iii-              Cocaine is being brought in the country by ‘couriers’ landing at various airports. Most important of such ‘import centers’ include Mumbai and Goa.

iv-              Psychotropic pharmaceuticals, Synthetic / Designer Drugs are being produced all over. Ingredients like Ephedrine and Pseudo Ephedrine are procured from various ‘pharmaceutical parks’ and other hubs manufacturing drugs despite the fact that they are ‘controlled substances. Some of the latest of such designer drugs are also ‘imported’ directly on one pretext or the other and sold off on either false prescription in the black market.
4-    All of them are almost freely available across the country, particularly all metropolitan towns.
5-    Unfortunately no statistics is available to indicate the quantum of drugs trade / drug addiction / deaths / incapacitation on their account.  Rough estimates about the quantum of drug trade are available only for the state Punjab. It is said to be to the magnitude of sixty to hundred thousand crores of rupees per year. This money is traded through hawala and illegal banking practices and is utilized for various purposes, mostly politics. There will be hardly any politician in the country who ever mortgaged / sold his house or property for electoral or political purposed. Wrong details are given to and accepted by the Election Commission of India and by the Income Tax Departments.

6-    Possible suggestions to combat the menace may include following;
i-                   Cutting the chain of supply and arrest of the drug barons after identification thereof by the police with the help of the central agencies including the CBI.
ii-                De addiction of addicts by the health department
iii-              Their 'settlement' (job wise) by various ministries 
iv-              Amending the legal provisions for removal of stigma attached with the word addiction. Addiction is just a disease and can be cured. Its declaration as ‘disease’ will bring in the Indian Medical Council and the medical fraternity in a big way. A lot many national and international agencies which provide donations for medical causes may also be able to help the addicts.
v-                Counseling of the family members as also of the addict by health dept
vi-              Creating awareness in the society on the issue of drugs by all ministries
vii-           Induction of a syllabus on drugs by the education departments. The syllabus for various age groups needs to be prepared by the education department with the help of psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists
viii-         Similar education program for the parents to recognize the signs of drug addiction among kids, even from the primary stage and education as to how to 'handle' the kids
ix-              Adequate sports activities among youth
x-                 Carrier counseling for children and youth of various age groups
xi-              Trying to improve employment opportunities to the extent possible

1-    Through this letter petition, I beg to draw the attention of this Hon’ble Highest Court of the land towards the pathetic state of affairs in the entire country on account of open and easy availability of drugs because of which generations are either being lost or are getting incapacitated in more than one ways.
2-    The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, himself is aware of the hopeless situation across the country where drugs business continues to thrive on account of the involvement / unholy nexus between some politicians, some officials of the security forces including police and some other segments of the society / officialdom.
3-    The Hon’ble Chief Justice is himself known as a crusader against drugs and has been expressing himself strongly on the issue.
4-    The petitioner is enclosing herewith information which is available on the net and indicates that the entire country is flooded and affected by drugs. Some of the Hon’ble High Courts including Punjab & Haryana High Court and the Himachal Pradesh High Courts have taken suo moto notice of the drug situation in their respective areas. It is humbly requested that the Drug situation needs to be centrally monitored by this Highest Court of the land and suitable / uniform instructions need to be issued to all Hon’ble High Courts in the country as also to the Union and all State Governments to take action as per a uniform ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ to crush the unholy politician – police – officialdom - smuggler nexus operation in the country.
5-    The petitioner, though not a lawyer, has immense knowledge on the subject and is prepared to assist the Hon’ble Court as desired to bring an end to the prevailing and continuing NARCO POLITICS AND NARCO TERRORISM.

6-    It is humbly submitted that the performance of each of the states needs to be closely monitored by a standing committee to be appointed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court under the chairmanship of a retired judge of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. It may have such number of members as deemed fit by the Hon’ble Court. This body should ideally send regular reports to the Hon’ble Supreme Court and be open to its regular scrutiny.
7-    Lastly it is prayed again that this submission be treated as a PIL, in national interest and be dealt with accordingly.

(Shashi Kant)
Chandigarh, June 30, 2016
#1258, sector 18-C
Mobile; 8054433333

A detailed state wise note on the Drug Situation in each of the states and Union Territories of India